Manage all your firm's relationships across the interconnected web that is the world of finance. Gain real-time visibility into every interaction your team has with any relationship, connections to other relationships and deals they have the potential to influence,

Collaborate across your team to find new ways to connect the dots to find and execute more deals.


Leverage the power of your relationships to build and manage a pipeline of potential deals and provide visibility to the entire team on pipeline health, history of each opportunity and necessary next steps. Keep your team on point and ensure no opportunities slip through the cracks.


Once you've won a deal and start working it, leverage the same tools to tap back into your relationships and manage the pipeline of potential opportunities for each specific deal. Know where you stand at any point in time and enable your team to collaborate more effectively and execute deals faster.


Provide your entire team, from analysts to managing directors, with real-time visibility into the health of the business anytime, anywhere, from any device.