Union Square Consulting is an early-stage start-up consulting company in New York that helps clients to configure and customize Salesforce and related technologies, as well as to set up efficient sales and marketing processes. We differentiate ourselves from other Salesforce consulting companies by providing strategic consulting to help our clients determine what to build and not just how to build it, so that they can reach their ultimate business goals.

We primarily target businesses in the Financial Services and Technology/Fintech industries, where we have experience and can share best practices. In addition to providing services, as we encounter needs in the market that can be better met with a SaaS product, we plan to develop and sell those solutions on the Salesforce platform. Lastly, we have also built close relationships with  other vendors that have built solutions on the Salesforce platform and leverage our team to help implement those solutions for their end clients.

Union Square Consulting presents an exciting opportunity to get in early and build a company from the ground floor, while bringing in actual revenue, profit and cash flow that most early-stage SaaS companies lack. This role also presents the opportunity to learn and/or grow your skills on Salesforce and overall sales and sales operations consulting.


  • Manage projects and personally conducting client meetings if and when ready (Can grow into this responsibility)
  • Perform configuration of Salesforce, migrate data, setup reporting and install and configure third-party apps


  • Experience managing Salesforce consulting projects and working on the Salesforce platform is a plus
  • However, we can train you if you have no experience
  • Looking for highly intelligent, detail oriented, organized individuals
  • Management oversight will be as minimal as possible. Looking for self-motivated, reliable individuals.
  • Management support and training will be as extensive as possible. Looking for people that want to learn and grow!