Data Options



Need to move data from external sources into Salesforce so all client data is in one place?

Whether you have a simple Excel sheet with a few thousand records or you need us to connect to a large database via API and extract hundreds of thousands or millions of records we can help you migrate this data in a time and cost efficient manner.

With hundreds of data migration projects completed, our team can help you identify all the sources of client data in your business and get it into Salesforce in the right format so that your users can quickly and easily find information on your current and prospective clients in one place.




Have a lot of duplicates making it hard for your users to find the right records and get their work done?

This is an extremely common problem as companies often have multiple systems with client info that don't speak to each other and poor controls in Salesforce to help their users avoid creating duplicates. 

Our team can help yours to identify duplicates and then merge them together, along with all related records, so that your have one and only one source of truth for information on each of your current and prospective clients. 

We can also help you setup processes to prevent duplicates from being created in the future.




Have missing email addresses, phone numbers or key information preventing your team from attracting and retaining more clients?

Having all your data in one place without any duplicates is great, but what if your team doesn't have the information they need to contact and/or properly serve your clients. We can recommend external data sources, or use your preferred vendors and help import this data to augment what you have in Salesforce and provide a complete profile for your clients.