Implement Your Sales Process

Implementation costs are a simple function of time and we can work on your timeline and your budget to plan the project for exactly what you need and nothing you don't. If your team is more cost conscious, we can delegate more work to your staff while providing necessary guidance, support and tools to make them productive.

With that said, it can be challenging to understand what you're getting, so there are three pre-packaged solutions available. 



Timeframe: 1-2 weeks  -  Hours: 25  -  Cost: $5,000

Want to get started on, or fix, Salesforce as quickly and inexpensively as possible?

Implement a basic process quickly and inexpensively.

  • Key Business Objectives - Ensure Salesforce delivers real impact to your business by starting with key business objectives.
  • Sales Process Review - We start by understanding your sales process and map Salesforce to help you seamlessly execute.
  • Accounts and Contacts - Configure your "rolodex" by customizing fields so you can know your customers and prospects intimately.
  • Activities - Capture key details from calls, meetings and emails across your team.
  • Email Integration - Integrate Outlook/Gmail to easily add contacts, emails and call notes and sync calendar invites right from inbox.
  • Opportunities - Design your sales process and customize each field to fit your unique strategy.
  • Reporting - Build up to one Dashboard from five Reports to gain visibility into your business, accessible online and mobile, 24/7.
  • Data Migration - Provide a clean Excel or CSV file with your Accounts and Contacts and have it imported into Salesforce.
  • Training - Take two-hours of training to help your team hit the ground running in one of two formats:
    • Train the Trainer - Training for your Salesforce Administrator, who will then train your team
    • End User Training - Training delivered directly to your end users

*Data Migration - Data migration can be challenging and time consuming. This package only offers import of clean Account and Contact data into Salesforce. For assistance with additional datasets, such as past Opportunities, cleaning data, merging duplicates or preventing duplicates in the future, additional time and cost is required.




Timeframe: 1-4 weeks  -  Hours: 40  -  Cost: $8,000

Includes everything in the Basic and more:

  • Leads - Configure Leads and create up to three Lead Assignment Rules, Lead Queues and Lead Auto-Response Rules, each
  • Record Types - Define up to four types of a record, such as an Account or Opportunity, with different corresponding processes
    • Example: Your sales process changes for different types of products or different types of customers.
    • Tailor your page layouts and fields, such as Opportunity Stage, for each different Record Type
  • Workflow - Automate up to ten manual business processes and save your team time by having Salesforce do the work for you
    • Automatically create tasks, email alerts or update fields when a record is created or updated and meets certain criteria
    • Example: When deal closes, create a task to 1 month before contract expiration date to call customer and discuss renewal
  • Page Layouts - Create four customized page layouts for different members of your team and/or different types of records
    • Basic package includes customization of one Page Layout for Accounts, Contacts and Opportunities
  • More Reporting - Build up to three Dashboards aggregating up to twenty different reports
  • More Training - Take four hours of Administrator and End-User Training




Timeframe: 2-8 weeks - Hours: 80 Cost: $16,000 and up

Want something more custom or more powerful?

  • More Detailed Sales Process Review - Allocate up to ten hours to discuss your business process in detail
    • Do you need more help and/or advice to map your business process?
    • Do you want to discuss best practices learned from your peers in the industry and work together to create something better?
    • In this package, we have more time to take less of a cookie-cutter approach to define and build a more tailored process
  • User Security and Permissions - Allocate up to five hours to configure details security and permissions for your users
    • Define who sees what and the permissions each users has to see, create, modify and delate records.
    • Salesforce provides extremely robust capabilities to define this in almost any way you can image.
  • Approval Processes - Set up to three separate processes requiring approval from key members of your team at specific stages
  • Import/Migrate Additional Data - Allocate ten additional hours to import and map data from up to 3 different types of records
    • The Basic and Intermediate packages include import of your Accounts and Contacts
    • Additional related data, such as Opportunities or Activities requires additional time to import and map to Accounts and Contacts
  • Merge Duplicate Records - Allocate eight additional hours to identify and merge duplicate records
  • Block Future Duplicates - Install Dupe Catcher (free) or Dupe Blocker (license fees apply) to setup rules to prevent future duplicates
  • More Training - Take up to ten hours of Administrator and End-User Training




Timeframe: 6-12 weeks - Hours: +100 - Cost: +$20,000

Want something completely custom and tailored to your unique business process?

Our pre-packed solutions are meant for clients that want a quick turnkey implementation.

If you want something completely customized and/or want to implement multiple business processes at once, we can plan a larger, more complex project. 




Timeframe: 1-15 weeks

Cost: $1,000 to $20,000

Have data inside or outside of Salesforce that needs cleaned and du-duped?

Outsource large data clean up exercises so your team can focus on growing your business.

Or save money and use us sparingly for direction and help with advanced data tools



Need ongoing support as your business grows and leverage Salesforce more and more?

Gain access to our team for ongoing support as much or as little as you need.


Timeframe: 6 - 24 months

Cost: $1,000 - $8,000/month