Director of Business Development

Base: $125,000
OTE: $250,000
Location: Remote/WFH
Prefer candidates in major hubs for networking (NY, SF, Austin, etc) 

You’re joining an intentionally small team of A+ players at a company with:
– Strong Product Market Fit
– Partnerships with the top PE/VC firms in the world
– A repeatable playbook to source customers from these partners
– Support from 2 SVPs of RevOps and a well aligned marketing engine

You’re expected to have experience in enterprise or partnership sales, be able to onboard quickly – in exchange you’ll have complete freedom/autonomy and a real chance to significantly outperform quota and OTE by 50% to 100%. (We set quota conservatively.)

You’ll build lasting relationships with many of the top VC/PE firms and B2B SaaS revenue leaders in the world. 

We’re looking for an amazing Director of Business Development!

This is an opportunity to be a part of our executive leadership team and work on the frontlines prospecting, managing, and closing deals.

We’re looking for a seasoned salesperson to initiate and nurture relationships with top PE and VC firms. Your work will help us source and close deals with prospective B2B SaaS companies in their portfolio and continue to refine our product and GTM motion.

This is a high-touch, relationship-driven sales process.

This is a remote position, working from home. However, we do expect you to attend industry events and have a strong preference for someone that is already in a major hub such as New York, San Francisco, or Austin and can attend events and meet with people in these locations on a more frequent basis.

You will:

  • Provide integral support to the leadership team
  • Work closely with and report directly to the CEO
  • Help refine the overall GTM strategy and process
  • Prospect into a named account list through LI and Email
  • Initiate and build relationships with top VC and PE firms
  • Build relationships with B2B SaaS sales/marketing consultants
  • Manage relationships with some of the top B2B SaaS companies
  • Attend some of the top B2B SaaS conferences in the United States
  • Build pipeline, manage and close deals, and expand existing customers
  • Work closely with marketing to build/execute tightly focused ABM strategy

You will have full support from:

  • Our CEO to help on calls, deals, attend events and refine the GTM Strategy
  • Our VP of RevOps Strategy to support you as a subject matter expert
  • Our VP of RevOps Systems to be another expert on your sales calls
  • Our Marketing Manager to produce great content you can share
  • Our Executive Assistant to help with prospecting research

In other words, you’ll be setup for success and have the support you need.

Company Overview

Union Square Consulting is a GTM Strategy and Revenue Operations consulting firm for growth-stage B2B Saas companies with $10M to $100M in revenue. We work directly with CROs and other executive revenue, strategy and operations leaders to help them define and refine their sales, marketing and customer success engines.

Specifically, we help:

  • Define the GTM strategy
  • Outline the customer journey
  • Architect the sales, marketing and CS process
  • Identify metrics to track along the entire journey
  • Implement the process and metrics into the tech stack
  • Analyze the metrics and provide insights back to leadership
  • Leverage those insights to refine the overall Revenue Engine

Our consulting team is comprised of extremely experienced GTM Strategy and Revenue Operations professionals, spanning the spectrum from strategy to deep systems implementation experience.

Role Overview


We generate most of our business through referrals from our partners; from top PE and VC firms to sales consultants, marketing agencies, and technology vendors that serve B2B SaaS companies in our ICP.

It’s fairly easy to get the first meeting with many of these individuals and companies, but hard to nurture and build the relationship over time to source referrals. Success depends on your ability to thoughtfully nurture and grow relationships by adding value in every interaction.


Additionally, we generate a meaningful amount of business from networking and attending industry events. You might be on a plane attending these events every month or two, but not every week.


We also generate a significant portion of our business through our inbound marketing engine; Our CEO’s LinkedIn presence, weekly Newsletter, Podcast, and RevOps Live events. Marketing “leads” include only people who have expressly requested a meeting with us and you will be integral help in taking those meetings and working those opportunities.


We have a significant opportunity to retain and grow our existing customers and get referrals from them to other potential customers. Our VPs of RevOps Strategy and Systems largely manage these relationships, but could use help expanding the footprint in accounts. You would help them by finding new stakeholders in the account and uncovering expansion and/or referral opportunities.

GTM Strategy

You will report directly to our CEO. We’ve already carefully mapped out the GTM Strategy and step by step process for the role. However, you’ll be in collaboration with our CEO, VP of RevOps Strategy, VP of RevOps Systems, Marketing Manager, and our EA to refine and execute our overall GTM process. You’ll play an integral role in helping to further improve this process over time.

GTM Process

We have already carefully defined, architected and implemented a step by step sales, marketing and customer success process far beyond what you find in most small companies, as this is what we do. That said, you will work with out entire team to refine this process. Our VP of RevOps Strategy will help you refine your named account list and overall targeting and you will work with him and our Marketing Manager on our ABM approach. You will have full support of our EA to build these lists and help with account research. You will also have full support from our VP of RevOps Systems to make sure you’re executing this process as efficiently as possible. Lastly, our CEO will work closely with you and provide virtually unlimited support to help you succeed in this role. We will all want your feedback as we further improve the process over time.

Think you’re a fit?

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