Your Fractional Strategic RevOps Team.

Union Square Consulting turns against the grain of systems-only RevOps agencies, bringing technology implementation and GTM strategy together to help you build a more profitable revenue engine.

Organize, optimize, and scale your GTM strategy.

Run leaner teams that perform better and stress less.

See what’s ahead and be a proactive decision maker.

Increase company value through revenue and cost efficiency.

You have to have those two pieces; the person helping you with data and the systems infrastructure, and the strategy component so that you can make sense of it.

And I couldn’t find anybody else that had both functions, until Union Square.

Ryan Spillane
CRO, Techstars

The Beliefs That Set Us Apart

A.K.A: The hills we’ll die on.

RevOps is a strategic function.

Many revenue teams are in a rush to hire more people and set up more tools. Usually, without the foundation of a well-thought-out GTM strategy, process, and choice of metrics.

The result: more money is spent executing more activity that doesn’t work. And… you can’t even see it.

What gets measured gets managed.

The decisions you make are only as effective as the data you can trust. The alternative? Gut feel.

We help you capture data you can count on. First, we identify the right metrics and enable accurate tracking. Then, we slice and dice the data to show you what’s really happening in your revenue engine.

We serve people, not just companies.

Our partnerships are based on transparency, collaboration, and connection from the beginning.

You’ll never talk to an SDR, you’ll never be handed off to a junior team member, and you’ll never be left in the dark.

Meet the leaders of Union Square Consulting.

Eddie Reynolds


Eddie has spent the last 20 years in sales, marketing, and customer success roles. Before founding USC, he spent 3 years as an AE at Salesforce covering new and existing B2B SaaS customers with $10M to $100M in revenue.

He met with some of the best revenue leaders in the world during this time and leveraged dozens of Salesforce consultants to implement their visions.

However, these consultants often didn’t understand the “why” of what they were building or how it would help their client grow revenue.

Clients who needed GTM strategy, not more tools, would see their implementation of Salesforce fail. This didn’t sit right with Eddie.

Union Square Consulting was created to help these high-growth companies scale with both the tech and strategy they needed.

Fun Fact: Eddie enrolled in University at the age of 16 after finishing highschool in only one year.

Mallory Lee


When most people think of RevOps, they think of tech. Instead, Mallory specializes in the business side of operations; executive-level GTM strategy and alignment, data insights, and revenue funnel optimization.

Over the last 15 years, Mallory grew from her roots in Marketing Operations –including pioneering marketing automation for Salesforce – to Strategic RevOps. Along with several consulting roles for B2B SaaS, she scaled Terminus through their Series C and multiple acquisitions as VP of RevOps.

Before USC, Mallory served as VP of RevOps at Nylas, helping them adopt PLG and transform their go-to-market strategy.

Fun Fact: Mallory likes to say “I have 3 boys and no hobbies,” but she’s actually a construction and home services whiz, with a family side business called B Lee Built.

Gerry Marletta


In 2008, Gerry clicked “Setup” in Salesforce, starting his journey from a curious SDR to a fully self-taught Salesforce Tech Solutions Architect and eventually a tool agnostic RevOps systems expert.

Since 2013 he’s provided revenue systems consulting for 110+ organizations, ranging from 2 to 20,000+ systems users.

A large chunk of that experience comes from his 10 years spent as Director of Revenue Operations at Argyle, managing Salesforce and Marketo for over 300 users.

Fun Fact: Gerry writes, produces, and performs music. He has a massive vinyl record collection that his family always asks him to reduce. (He has not caved in.)

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