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The RevOps

A career at Union Square Consulting means the freedom to work anywhere, the space to grow, and the opportunity to build a portfolio of success in an evolving industry.

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Nothing that fits your expertise? Many of our team members joined us without any open positions for their role. They were too amazing to pass up! So if you think you’d be a good fit, let us know.

Director of Business Development

We’re looking to add an integral member to our sales and partnership team! Work closely with leadership and on the frontlines prospecting, managing and closing deals.

What it means to be on the
Union Square Consulting team:


Be challenged everyday while working with some of the best growth stage companies and VCs in the world.


Your personal time is respected and protected. We want you to shine bright, not burn out.


Work 100% remotely on a flexible schedule that adapts to your life.


Find new ways of doing things that are more effective, efficient, and exciting, while weeding out the fads.


We keep communications lean, fast, and meaningful, so you can focus on what matters.

Help us shape the future of RevOps.

RevOps should be strategic. Go-to-market strategy should be process-driven. That is the movement we’re creating at Union Square Consulting.

In fact, we may be one of the only consultancies that combine GTM strategy with tech architecture — and that’s fine by us.

By joining our team, you have the opportunity to be a pioneer in the RevOps category, reshaping the way people think about revenue growth.

Be the star of your own career.

We’re a boutique consulting firm. This means the work you do directly impacts the company, giving you ownership and personal attribution to your successes.

You’re not just a cog in a wheel — you make a difference.

And as we grow, you grow with us, developing your skills, professional opportunities, and career path.

Join a community, not a “family”.

Companies that call themselves a “family” tend to mask toxic environments and leadership that demands more than they give.

In a community, we work together towards a shared goal, but with a greater sense of boundaries.

We respect your personal life, personal needs, and personal time. (You know, the time you need with your real family!)

Hear it directly from other team members!

Working at Union Square Consulting is no ordinary experience. My time here has been nothing short of unparalleled professional evolution. One of the key attributes that stand out is the ability to effect meaningful impact on our company’s direction.

This isn’t just about the strategic insights or decisions, but the encouragement to advocate for innovative solutions that might be unorthodox yet effective.

Our organization’s strength lies in the collective intelligence and talent of our team. We’re not just colleagues, but mentors, guides, and often friends.

Gerry Marletta
VP of Revenue Operations Systems

From my first day at this company, I felt like I’d discovered something truly remarkable.

Each member here plays a unique role and we’re all driven to excel. The remarkable thing is that when you’re surrounded by such a talented group, it motivates you to go above and beyond to outperform competitors.

The work culture is exceptional, allowing us to maintain an ideal work-life balance while always being treated with respect. Eddie, our leader, fosters an environment where growth is encouraged, mistakes are part of the learning process, and together we pave our path towards enhancing the company and our own careers.

Working here has been an extraordinary journey, one of the most enriching experiences in my professional life.

Sarah Ra
Executive Assistant

I’ve been working at USC for a little less than a year. In that time I’ve gotten to see and experience a lot.

In a small company, you often get to wear many hats. I’ve experienced many facets of helping to grow a small business. I’ve taken a hand in writing marketing materials, creating frameworks, developing products, launching a new service line, and many more things. I love the variety in my work.

In addition, everyone at Union Square is wonderful. Everyone is both really smart and professional, but also kind and helpful. We support each other. We pride ourselves on being a flexible team and it really improves the culture at USC.

Joel Arnold
VP of Revenue Operations Strategy

Before joining USC, I worked under my own business for 7 years. It was going to take a pretty promising and exciting opportunity to convince me to go in-house. Union Square fit the bill.

My experience and skill set has grown incredibly since joining the team. I’ve been able to take ownership of my department, experiment with new ideas, learn from some brilliant people, and most importantly — create tangible impact on the business every day.

The people themselves have all been amazing. Eddie knows how to pick great talent! Though we all work remote, our community is tight-knit and incredibly supportive of each other no matter your role.

I couldn’t have asked for a better development to my career, or a better team to join.

Rachael Bueckert
Marketing Manager